Year 7 Surf Trips

By Amelia Sim & Jai Sree Akilandeswari Jai Sabarinath | Posted: Wednesday March 8, 2023

On the 13th of February Room 10 went to Sumner Beach on Marriner St to go Surfing and Bodyboarding.

They had a great time and loved their experience there. We interviewed a couple students about their trip, here they are:

Kian = K

Hunter = H

  • What part of the day did you enjoy the most? My favourite of the day was………………

K: My favourite part of the day was surfing. Because I really enjoyed catching the waves.

H: My favourite part of the day would have to be bodyboarding because it is much easier than using a surfboard.

  • Did you manage to get up on your feet while surfing?

K: Yes I did, I was one of the first to do it.

H: Yeah I did too, although it was quite difficult.

  • If you had any advice/tips for the future Yr 7’s what would it be?

K: Listen to the instructor's instructions.

H: Stay in the border of the instructors.

  • Do you feel, looking back at yourself, that you tried your best. What would you have done differently?

K: Try to get off before I hit the shallow end.

H: Don't belly flop off the surfboard because it really hurts.

Thank you for letting us interview you and we’re glad that you had a great day surfing.

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