Year 7 Trek

By Julian Smart, Miller Davanney and Jonty Oorschot | Posted: Wednesday March 8, 2023

On Tuesday the 27th of February the Year 7’s went on a trek through the Port Hills.

They went from Victoria Park to Halswell Quarry. It was a long trek but the Year 7’s managed to push through. It was a 30+ degree day and the Year 7’s where rewarded with Juicies at the end. Well done team!

Here’s what some students had to say about the day.

Q) What part of the day did you enjoy the most?

Being with my friends.

Q) Was it hard?

It was hard because I had sore legs.

Q) Did you enjoy it?

I liked the downhill part.

Q) How long did it take?

All day.

Q) How hot was it?

30 degrees

Q) What was better uphill or downhill?

Downhill because it was easier.

We are glad you had a good day!

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