Minecraft E-Sports

By Simon Mutch | Posted: Monday May 15, 2023

Two Casebrook teams travelled to Southbrook school to compete in an E-Sports competition

After some rigorous selection trials earlier in the year, two teams of four have been training for E-sports competitions in Minecraft Education. 

On Friday May 5th, the two teams travelled to Southbrook in Rangiora to challenge them in a range of Minecraft builds. There were some issues with the wifi out there leading to things not going exactly as planned but we still managed some builds and there were some impressive results. 

The students, Lydia Rm 4, Mya Rm 2, Sophia Rm 2, Alice Rm 5, Patrick Rm 13, Isaac Rm 13, Hunter Rm 10, and Sahil Rm 10, all performed very well. They displayed great talent and skill in Minecraft, and this, coupled with their imaginations and teamwork saw them produce final products of a very high standard. 

They were articulate in describing their builds and did the school proud. Each of them showed wonderful REP through their behaviour, patience and adaptability. The change in format led to there being no overall winner so we are looking forward to hosting Southbrook here in the future to further our competitive endeavours. 

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