REP Focus - Respect in a bully free community

By Sam Broad | Posted: Thursday May 11, 2023

This fortnight REP focus for Casebrook school is respect in a bully-free environment! So we have decided to ask some students some questions about Casebrook being a bully-free environment. Do you think our community would be better without bullies?

We encourage our school to be bully-free, kind, safe, and a caring community for our school. Abas Masoomi and Marcus Elms have been interviewing some students around the school and here are some answers.

Reyansh, a new student in Room 4 said “I feel very safe at Casebrook and feel very welcome. I'm very happy I came to this school.

Next we asked Rakia and Geon from Room 12.

“Would you help somebody If they are being bullied?”

“Of course I would help.” Geon said

“ I would always help somebody if they need it.” Rakia said

We also asked Arlia and Isaac from Room 13.

If you see someone being bullied, what would you do?

“I would go and tell a teacher immediately.” Isaac said

“I would go tell a teacher or an adult.” Arlia said

Now do you think Casebrook would be a good Community if there were no bullies? And how would you respond to the questions we asked these students?

This article was made by Abas Masoomi and Marcus Elms from Room 4.