Hockey Tournament

By Nathaniel Kilpatrick, Room 7 | Posted: Tuesday September 5, 2017

On 22nd of August, 13 people from Casebrook Intermediate went to Nunweek Park for a hockey tournament.

We came 4th out of six schools. Everybody showed great REP on and off the field.

Here are the five teams we played and the scores:

Cobham Blue 2 - 1 Casebrook (Lost)

Hornby Year 9’s 0 - 3 Casebrook (Won)

Heaton 1 - 0 Casebrook (Lost)

Breens 2 - 1 Casebrook (Lost)

Kirkwood 0 - 5 Casebrook (Won)

Jamie Veitch (the goalkeeper) said “it was a tough tournament and we played our best. I hope our coach, Miss Kennedy is really proud of our team.”

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