Inter-Class Football

By Rachael Cooper, Jay Stevens, Jack Reeves and Alex | Posted: Tuesday September 19, 2017

Last week at Casebrook we started an inter-class football tournament. Each classroom has selected a team of 7 (5 on the pitch and 2 subs).

This is a straight knockout competition if you win you are through to the next round if you lose you are out. The scores last week were:

Round 1

Rm 1 vs Rm 2 this was the opening match and a tough one too it was 1-1 at full time meaning the game had to go into penalty-shootout leading Rm 2 to victory.

The second game was Rm 3 vs Rm 4. Rm 4 beat Rm 3 in a head to head challenge that would have anyone on the edge of their seats. But after a tough battle Rm 4 won 2-1.

Next we had Rm 5 vs Rm 6. With Rm 6 taking it out, winning 1-0. What a game!

Then we had Rm 8 vs Rm 7. Both classes were tied 2-2 but one of Rm 8’s goals was disallowed meaning Rm 7 won 2-1.

Good luck to the teams that are going through to the next round.

By Jay Stevens, Jack Reeves and Alex Macdonald

Rm8 Roving Reporters