Wonder byRaquel J. Palacio

By Hailee Max and Olivia Ineson | Posted: Wednesday November 29, 2017

On Thursday 16th of November, Room 3 started reading "Wonder" byRaquel J. Palacio.

The book is about a boy named August Pullman who has facial differences.  His face is deformed due to a type of "mandibulofacial dysostosis" since he was born. He has undergone several surgeries to try and make his face more normal, but he still looks different to everyone else.  August is ten years old and lives with his mum, dad and sister in North River Heights in Upper Manhattan. His parents decide that he should start school so after being homeschooled all his life, he starts 5th grade.

Room 3 are going to watch "Wonder" at Hoyts on Thursday 7th of December.  We surveyed our class and most people are really looking forward to going!

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