Camp Night Activities!

By Rachael Cooper | Posted: Tuesday March 6, 2018

From the 7th to 11th of February Room 13 went to Wainui camp. Each night we did an activity around the camping ground.

The first two nights we played many games of Spotlight. On the first day Mr Stribling showed us the route and boundaries where we were allowed to go when we played the game. On the first night multiple people didn’t get found but some people did. The most popular hiding spots were the chapel and in the trees.

On the last night we went down to Powell Village and played lots of different games. The first game we played was ‘Kick the Can’. Then we played Manhunt. When it got darker we played a game with torches which is like ‘Go home, Stay home’ but you got found out by the taggers standing on a picnic table. The first person to touch the picnic table without getting spotted would win the round, get a chocolate and be the person to stand up on the picnic table for the next round. Finally there was a hunt for chocolate. One of the parents scattered chocolate all around a field and we had to find them. It was very challenging because it was pitch black but somehow people managed to find them.

Over all the evening activities were one of our highlights and we really enjoyed Spotlight because most of the time we didn’t get found.  We really hope next year the future Year 8's will enjoy this experience as much as we did.

By Isabella Ferkatovich, Ariella Brown and Lily Burns

Room 13 Roving Reporters